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I cannot say enough good things about the women at Cotter Pin Cellar!  From the first meeting with them I felt like they had my wedding as their first priority.  As a bride, you want to feel special and unique because your experience is, for most, a once in a lifetime event.  Marla and her mother in law were very flexible when meeting with Lance and I which was very convenient.  I was able to call and set up an appointment, run by any time of day, it was great!

At my bridal shower they hosted, my guests were blown away with the whole concept of having your registry THERE, ready to purchase.  They worked with my maid of honor and family members with decorating where the Fiestaware would be featured.  Plus, they assisted in cleaning up the restaurant afterwards which was great.  I really appreciated them packing and wrapping the dishes so I could transport them safer. 

Most importantly, they are extremely easy to work with.  Yes, the registry is one of the more enjoyable things to do when planning a wedding, but they are very organized and are efficient. 

I hope they know how thankful we are to have worked with them throughout our special event!  Thanks again! 

Lance & Courtney Schlup

Cotter Pin Cellar provided me with great Fiesta products and wonderful personal care. Their prices are very competitive, and they are able to offer a larger variety of products and colors compared to the larger department stores. In addition, the customer service is wonderful and personal. I also took advantage of having a 'Fiesta Bridal Shower,' which was a lot of fun for the guests while also providing me with a great selection of gifts from my registry. I would recommend Cotter Pin Cellar to anyone.

Abby Struemph

The ladies at Cotter Pin Cellar were incredible! My husband and I decided we wanted to register for Fiestaware, but I had only seen the stock items in a few colors at the local department stores. When I went to visit Cotter Pin Cellar, I realized that they had every current Fiestaware piece available in any color that I could have imagined. When I went to register, they helped me go through each piece to custom build my registry so that it was perfect for me. They ordered every piece that I wanted and had it available to purchase. The best part about Cotter Pin Cellar, though, is how they helped my Matron of Honor plan my shower for me. The ladies at Cotter Pin Cellar came to my shower and brought every item on my registry. Not only was it exciting to see how all my dishes looked together, but it also was so convienient for my friends and family to purchase the shower gifts because everything was right there! My Fiestaware brightens my kitchen, making it both practical and decorative. I strongly recommend Cotter Pin Cellar to every bride-to-be not just because they sell great dishes, but because they also provide a service that you can't get anywhere else.

Emily Vallandingham

As a long time collector of fiesta ware, I was excited to find out that there was the Cotter Pin Cellar. Marla and Rita are very helpful and provide a wide variety of items for the collector or the casual dish user.

When I was engaged I was able to register for Fiestaware through the Cotter Pin Cellar. Marla and her staff hosted a bridal shower for me at the local winery. The experience was one I will never forget. The day of my bridal shower was very memorable and unique for myself and the guests. Their variety and displays at the Cotter Pin Cellar show the many different styles and tastes one could use Fiesta ware. For the not so creative side of me, I love having different options for not only everyday use but for entertaining as well. The Cotter Pin Cellar, along with the generosity and thoughtfulness of Marla and her staff, set them apart from a Fiesta experience you would receive in a department store. Whether it be a small piece of Fiesta such as silverware or a larger piece like the casserole dish, I can't begin to tell you just how much fun it is to use Fiesta. The bright colors never fail to brighten the day.

Jennifer Dampf

I was first introduced to Fiestaware by my best friend. As I experienced her pleasure in such a wonderful and exciting product I realized it was something I needed as well. Meeting the ladies at Cotter Pin Cellar and discussing their services was a brides dream come true. During the registry process I took my time picking out the colors I wanted to go with and they walked me through each dish as I completed my registry.

My Fiestaware shower was absolutely everything I had hoped for. Marla and Rita brought my entire registry to display for guests. We played the typical bridal shower games while guests were shopping and while they were getting the things that had been purchased boxed back up to present to me. They even had cards for the guests to fill out after purchasing the gift. The guests LOVED it because they didn't have to waste time and money on gift wrapping and a card. Guests at the shower were also able to buy their wedding gift at that time. They all loved that convenience.

After the shower I was very nervous about our wedding guests, who were not at the shower, being willing to call to purchase our gift from our Fiestaware registry. However, Marla and Rita made it so simple for everyone that people were more than willing to simply make a phone call to buy our gifts!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful service! It was so much fun to be able to share my wedding experience with the two of you! You have definitely made us customers for life, as we always look forward to seeing the new pieces each year!

T.J. and Lacy Ralston